Ed Vainio, M.Div.

Compassionate Justice – Pastor Ed Vainio
This eleven part series was created by Ed Vainio, who has served as an Ordained Minister for the Assemblies of God Church for the past forty years,as a Police and Prison Chaplain, and member of JusticeAcademy.org. In this series, he examines a variety of timely issues relative to such subjects as; Judeo-Christian Religion and the Law, the Emotional Cost of Compassionate Justice, Compassionate Law Enforcement, the Compassionate Judge, and Coping with Loss in the Police Community.

You can reach Pastor Vainio at edvainio@gmail.com

Introduction to Compassionate Justice
Judeo-Christian Religion and the Law
Emotional Cost of Compassionate Justice
Compassionate Law Enforcement
The Compassionate Judge
Compassionate Corrections
Coping with Loss in the Police Community
The Police Chaplain
Police Chaplaincy and Prison Ministry
The Impact of Religion on Law and Justice
The Death Penalty



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