Sid Heal, Commander

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Hostage Survival Probability Model – Final Report

Tactical Science and Special Operations – Commander Sid Heal, LASD (Retired)
This extensive library of insightful writings and journal articles dealing with a wide variety of topics associated with police special operations and tactics is authored and provided by Commander Sid Heal, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Commander Heal is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities in police special operations and tactics. The Justice Academy greatly appreciates the contributions of Commander Heal, the National Tactical Officer’s Association, and other publishers for their help in making these valuable training resources available to the national audience of law and justice professionals. Commander Heal may be contacted at

Adaptive Decision-Making
Bond Relationship Targeting
Center of Gravity and Critical Vunerabilities
Characteristics of Crises and Conflicts
Command and Control Architecture
Command Relationships
Command vs. Control
Commander’s Intent-Tactical Edge
Convergence-bluring of war and crime
Crisis Decision Making Under Stress
Debriefings and After Action Reviews
Decision Points and Trip Wires
Drifting Standards and Creeping Missions
Envisioning an End State
Expressed and Implied Threats
Failure Analysis
Fighting in Five Dimensions
Fog and Friction
Force Continuum
Force Multipliers
Function-Command and Control
Good Decisions
Insubordination v. Command Responsibility
Intelligence-Gathering and using
Intuitive Decision Making for Police
Junctures and Leverage Points
Maneuvering in Time
Mission Tasking
Perspectives on Planning
Planning and Implementing
Priority of Life



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